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Why is this blog happening?!

Who me? Reading a wellness blog?

This space arose from many years of “thinking about it”. The catalyst for the “doing” part was some post-holiday blues. Returning to the mundane routine of work and (if I was lucky) a little bit of life. I have never loved the routine and mundane (surely you can relate?), but anyone who has experienced post-holiday sadness can surely agree, this is when it’s at its PEAK. So why not raise up a wellness and travel blog?!

The more I explore the things I enjoy and the values I hold closest, the more I became dissatisfied with the balance that I had. Something had to change, and so I have ventured on a journey to give my values my focus: including myself, my partner, my family, enjoying my hobbies and allowing myself time to do new things that I enjoy. It’s early days and maintaining “balance” fluctuates as life and work ebb and flow, but holding some things in mind, such as prioritising my wellbeing and allocation of time, have been the focus.

Do we need to navigate wellbeing and travel?

If you are in this situation of excess work focus allowing minimal time for your life focuses, you might also spend many long minutes on a Sunday night pondering how to shake things up. Everyone’s situation is different, but if there is space to change this up, even slight adjustments have given such rewards in my life. But navigating these areas isn’t always a straight road and surrounding yourself with a community is a great first step.

If these words serenade your soul (tacky), then hang around, within this space, I plan to create and share for those who might need encouragement in finding this balance: making changes in priorities; focusing on wellbeing – whether this is specifically through mental health, fitness or nutrition; or hitting the road and exploring our world.

Why should I?

Ultimately, this is a wellness and travel blog (lifestyle?!), and areas of focus in this space include:

  • Mental health resources and discussion;
  • Navigating the often overwhelm that is health and wellbeing;
  • Travel – location guides, travel tips, planners and other resources.

The point of this? To provide an honest space for discussion various topics, some exciting and adventurous, some difficult and confusing, to be a positive influence in even just one of these areas for those that dabble in this site.

Who gave you the right?

Thank you for asking, I ask myself this everyday in every task (imposter syndrome anyone?). Short answer: no one. Medium answer: going through the steps to make change over and over and over… each time ending back at what I believed to be “square 1” – but I was deceived! Each return was not at square 1, rather, a little bit further along for the experience.

I am also a registered psychologist, so in some areas – I have training – does that mean I am a pro at implementing strategies into my own life – no. I also travel a decent amount – because exploring gives me life, so I have a neat repertoire of tips and experiences! Long answer: you don’t want to know, plus there will be WAY too many Lord of The Rings references.

I hope to think of this space as a community where I can hold myself accountable, and others might do so for themselves. Rather than a “teaching” focus, I prefer to hold the view of education while navigating our own odyssey.

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