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Odyssey (noun): “a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Navigating? Or blindly fumbling through?

A lifestyle blog focused on navigating through the pressures and competing demands of surviving our routines, while balancing enjoyment and adventures, all while trying to look after ourselves and our health.

Mental health

The focus of these discussions is mental health and wellbeing. This will include managing ourselves through busy times of year, balancing life, work, health and wellness. The struggle is always real, no matter your goals, life stage and values. I am a registered psychologist, although practicing what you preach is always a journey.


Posts in this section will include travel stories, guides, experiences and tips. Also sprinkled in (liberally) are travel guides through the lens of history, particularly in locations where this is especially rich. Don’t be shocked to see a fictional lens over some locations (calling all LoTR fans).


Many of the discussions in this area are real, pretty raw views of fitness, diet and overall healthy lifestyles. While the road is not always easy to navigate and the relationship not always fun, those who also continue to push through will (hopefully) be able to relate.


I am building a library of free resources, made by me, used by me (sometimes – when I’m feeling like it). They generally pertain to self-care, managing anxiety and worries, planning and safely looking after yourself. These include worksheets, planners, challenges and workbooks that contain information and easy sheets.


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